Online loans for 6 months – check the offer overview

Online loans for 6 months – check the offer overview

Until recently, quick loans were associated with the necessity of repaying the entire debt within 14 days – 30 days. The only alternative was loans with a long repayment period (e.g. two or three years).

The market gap was filled by increasingly popular moments, which are repaid within a few months. Fine Bank experts decided to check the current offer of these loans. Among them, we will find one proposal that is new and very interesting.

An annual loan does not always have to require a certificate


In the case of non-bank loans, the number of offers should definitely not be a reason to complain. New offers to borrow funds without unnecessary formalities are still appearing on the market. The number of suggestions available is so large that some people looking for a minute can sometimes feel a bit confused.

That is why the experts of the Fine Bank portal have prepared the following statement, which includes the best proposals for borrowing funds for 6 months. The extensive table presents the offers of such companies and loan brands.

The offer of Fine Bank deserves special attention, as it was not previously described by Fine Bank experts. Other loans from the table below have already been analyzed (including on subsequent rankings).

Distinguished loans


Fine Bank has been included in the following list of distinguished loans because it offers interesting conditions for Internet users. The said company grants a loan for 6 months without having to send any documents (e.g. employment certificate).

Such a client-friendly policy of the lender is still not common on the domestic market. It is also worth mentioning that the consideration of the first loan application from Fine Bank (1100 USD – 1500 USD) will usually take only 15 minutes.

The customer of the described company can also count on the possibility of earlier debt repayment at no additional cost. SMS and e-mail reminders are another interesting solution.

Good Credit reminds its customers about the necessary transfer a few days before the next installment is due. Such a solution seems to be very useful not only for forgetful debtors. It can be said that it is not yet a standard amongst lenders. 

Detailed information on the above non-bank loans:

A longer repayment period means higher pay-per-minute costs


In reference to the subject of non-bank loans for six months, it is worth mentioning that such moments constitute a wise compromise between the convenience of the debtor and the installment amount and cost level

You must be aware that if you borrow funds for two, three or four times as long (i.e. 12 months, 18 months or 24 months),

The total costs will be much higher. That is why people using the offer of lenders should avoid a long repayment period unless there are unambiguous financial arguments for this option (e.g. inability to “Installments” of the higher installment).

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