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3 reasons why paper business cards are still a better choice

Business cards have been used all the time to create a brand image. Paper-based business cards were used in the past; but now you can find business cards made of plastic, wood or even metal. Though many people think that the different material can create a unique image in the people’s mind, the paper-based business cards are still preferred by many people. Here are the reasons why.

Lots of choices

You can now have fully colored business cards. There are lots of design and color options to choose from. You won’t get so many options in case of the other types of materials.


You can make paper business cards in various sizes, from 2.5 X 2.5 to as large as 3 X 4. But all these sizes may be difficult to make in case of the other materials. So, again your choice is limited in case of the other materials.


You can find paper business cards with different finishes. There is the linen finish that is widely used. It feels just as smooth as linen. Then there is the silk-laminated business card. In this case, the finish resembles silk. There are high shine gloss and matte finishes as well.

Considering all these factors, many people still opt for the paper-based business cards. The other forms of cards are slowly gaining popularity for their uniqueness. Soon, these will also have plenty of options to choose from. You should consider your budget before choosing the type of business card you want to make.

4 reasons business card is an important marketing tool

You can find everything online now. So, what’s the point of getting a business card? Well, business cards are still a very effective marketing tool. Here are the reasons why.

Giving out contact information

Though you can get the contact details of companies just by searching on Google, business cards are more convenient. You can just take it out and find the company address, contact number, name and designation of the person, website address, etc.

Creates the first impression

An attractive business card can create the first impression about the company. By looking at the business card, a person can say a lot about the company. If the business card is well designed and informative, then it will create a positive image about the company.

Creates personal touch

Exchanging business cards can create a personal touch. Digital information cannot create that image. So, exchanging business cards create a special image about the company.

Reach more prospective customers

You meet people everywhere; it can be on the road, in the grocery stores, and other places. When you meet these people, you can give your business card. So, you can reach out to more people.

No matter how digitized the world has become, traditional marketing tools like business cards still work. In fact, your business will look very unprofessional without a proper business card. You should invest time and money in designing an attractive business card for your company.

5 aspects of a very attractive business card

A business card tells a  lot about the company. It is a reflection of your personality as well. A good business card must be well designed and professional at the same time. Here are some aspects of a good business card.


You must choose the information you want to put in your card carefully. There is very little space available on your card. You should utilize it well. So, you need to be careful in choosing the lettering on your card. It should be informative and professional as well. You should choose the type of font, font size, and font color carefully as well.


Your logo must be something very sophisticated. You can choose a photograph or geometric shape. It must be simple, yet attractive so that people instantly recognize your logo. You can use die-cut printing to make something different.


Though the traditional shape of business cards is rectangular, many companies produce business cards of different shapes. This makes the cards look different and can create a lasting image in people’s mind.


Most business cards are made of paper. But nowadays, business cards are also printed on other materials like plastic, wood or metal. Whichever material you choose, you must remember that the quality of the material must be good. The card should feel good when touched.


You should hire a good graphic designer to create the layout of your card. Your choice of white space, color, etc. must be good. The information, font size, etc. can also affect a card’s layout. You can pick a number of cards with good layout and try to create something similar.

All these elements must be incorporated when you design a business card. Using these elements properly will help you to create a business card that is professional looking and attractive.